Why Evo

All of Our Compression Wear is Proudly Made in USA

Not all compression socks are created equal. Our compression garments, unlike most on the market, have FDA approved true graduated compression that is tested to be tightest at the ankle and gradually looser as you move up the leg.  Be sure yours are made in the USA with medical grade FDA approved testing to guarantee the compression is properly graduated and is in the indicated range (i.e. 20-30 mmHg).

The Science of Our Unique Compression Technology

Sometimes a little more pressure is a very good thing. Evo Innovations knows this and has put that knowledge to good use in the design of our advanced graduated compression garments. Here's the how and why of it.

Evo Innovations uses a computer-controlled FDA Approved manufacturing process to ensure your stockings will provide the perfect fit you require; applying a consistent level of compression where you need it, when you need it. Our proprietary, graduated compression zone technology is literally woven into the very fabric of our products, scientifically engineered for your health, endurance, safety and comfort.

Advanced graduated compression is the direct application of circumferential constrictive force upon the outer layers of the extremities, such that blood circulating near the surface is progressively forced back into the deeper, narrower vessels leading to a reduction of the diameter of distended veins and the consequential rise of arterial pressure that further results in an enhanced blood flow back to the heart and lungs (for another refreshing round of oxygenation and recirculation). In other words, Evo Innovations puts more "go" into the "flow."

That extra push lent by our specially graduated compressive knit prevents blood and interstitial fluids from pooling and stagnating at the ankles and calves which can be the basis of so many problems.

Our computer-controlled,Made in USA manufacturing technology makes practical the micro-scaled, compressive knit patterning that underlie all the breakthrough comfort, health and endurance benefits our products confer. It's the deep research and our development of cutting edge technology that makes all the difference. Our knit has been mathematically engineered to exert just the correct amount of pressure for its intended position on its sock. Our scientists have devised optimal compression at any given point, latitudinally varying at strategic locations on the garment (from ankle to thigh) but always consistent in the pressure exerted at its designated position, no matter the pronation angle of the foot or posture of the limb, which definitely gives EvoNation a leg up on the competition!

Our compression garments begin with the best materials. We manufacture our fabrics so that they are seamless. Seamless fabrics are extraordinarily comfortable for athletic activity as well as everyday use. Our compression garments use fabric that embraces your skin without chafing.

Shoes are damp and dark inside. These are the ideal conditions for the growth of bacteria, fungi, and odors. Our compression socks are specially designed to eliminate these barriers to foot health. Our fabric is very breathable and excels at drawing moisture away from your skin keeping you and your socks dry, cool, and almost weightless.

While our fabric is unparalleled, our engineering is also unmatched. We design and engineer our socks so that during the pronation of your foot, the sock maintains the same pressures that were on your foot when it was at rest. Pronation is the way your foot rotates or rolls when your foot comes in contact with the ground. Pronation allows your foot to act as your body’s shock absorber. When your foot is completely touching the ground, it rolls inward about 15 percent. Maintaining equal pressure no matter what percent of pronation helps to cushion your foot better when it hits the ground and rotates.

High quality fabrics, engineered and constructed for performance is what keeps Evo Innovations at the head of the pack.